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What it is is 'Charlie Music.'

An innovator in original music, songwriter Charlie Ecker has climbed to the upper reaches of country songwriting with his one-two punch Legacy Award (2022) then Hall of Fame (2023) selection into the prestigious international Akademia Music Society. All the while sitting side-by-side with his selection as the only person ever to be honored by The Los Angeles Music Awards (1991-2016) as its F.A.M.E. program "Career Country Songwriter."

The Upstate New York native, a former anchorman broadcasting first in New York and then Los Angeles, hit the long dusty trail in the Summer, 2011, full-time.  And what a journey, shooting up, in the words of Independent Music Network's Buck McCoy, "like a rocket" (with seven #1 Hits on the IMN Country Charts) adding - Charlie's works are "what great country music is all about."

Country is the primary genre of Ecker's music, but two songs of note have garnered intense interest and appreciation among Christian audiences. "My Dear Lord," written after the first of two strokes the writer had experienced between 2012 and 2015, took  "Song of the Year" honors at both The Hollywood Music Awards and Los Angeles Music Awards.  Soon after, Ecker's "A Bright Tomorrow" was named the top Americana Song at the 2021 International Global Peace Song competition which included the storied backing of judge Peter Yarrow of the legendary trio of Peter, Paul and Mary.

On the Marquix Global News Network, Ecker was named in mid-decade one of the  'Top 15 to Watch in Music.'  "With the understated confidence of a seasoned musician, Ecker has calmly established himself as a successful songwriter and force in country music," noted the headline in the article. (At the same time, he was named from 2015-2017 as the only country composer in the 'Sound Has Evolved' organization directed to Film and TV music supervisors.)

His band was twice nominated in the category of "Country Performers of the Year" in the Artists in Music international competition and came in second (Ewith only  original music) for "Band of the Year," three percentages behind the winner, a cover band, at the 2013 Independent Country Music Association competition. Add to this 2012  "Country Band of the Year" at Real Country Radio in Tokyo!

In Europe,  Ecker's  music was first played, beginning in early 2012, on The Starliners Radio Network, where his group landed at #1 Country for three years in a row, placing it in the "Starliner's Europe" Hall of Fame.  (It received a similar "Star Award" at the U.S.- based SDC Radio Network in 2015.)

Ecker, as a songwriter, was first selected as one of the ten original inductees into the Renegade Radio Nashville "New Faces of Country" receiving a hay wagon full of promotional support from this largest of all Internet country music platforms. Regular airplay started November 1, 2013 on that impressive 24/7 all- live station. In February, 2016, Ecker was moved up as one of a dozen established and Indie featured artists.  He remains on the featured artists page of the Nashville Country Network "In the Cab" trucker's station sitting up there with Montgomery-Gentry and Miranda Lambert!

Musicians have also given Charlie constant support putting him, as a songwriter, continuously in the Reverbnation LA Top 10 Country for two straight years. After his Spring 2019 move from L.A. to North Venice, Florida,  Ecker led the Sarasota County Charts at #1 for two and one-half years straight, still grabbing the top spot often to this day.

The proud Eagle Scout and Air Force veteran, recovering from colon cancer and dealing with long-term COPD and AFIB too, has produced three digitally-distributed L.P.s -- "Down the Back 40: Risin' Sun," "Down the Back 40: "Settin' Sun" and greatest hits  "Charlie Ecker: Songwriter."  An instrumental L.P., "Charles Ecker: Speechless," will be remastered in 2024. It was originally produced by his sessions singers and musicians to acknowledge his nearly facing losing the ability to speak after his first of two stroke twelve years ago.

Airplay estimates of over 1,000,000 spins include coverage by over 1,500 Terrestrial and Internet broadcasting outlets since 2011, beginning first in Vasteras Sweden then in America three months later on WMEN-AM, Memphis, the “Cradle of Rock ‘n Roll.”  His biggest broadcast break came mid-decade when Captain Jack Aponte put him on a pedestal with Nashville Country Network, first on Renegade Radio Nashville.

Ecker's works are available through iTunes, Amazon mp3, cdBaby and 15 other music distributors world-wide. His music, under The C.R. Ecker Band, can be streamed on Pandora, Spotify, Google Play, IHeart, YouTube and others internationally.

Please sign on to the Ecker "fan"and "share" pages here and connect to his Facebook band page and our website --, best view on a PC or Tablet compared to a phone device.

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