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Charles Ecker has long been considered an Icon in Country music, what with big songwriting wins in the Second Decade at L.A. Music Awards, Producer’s Choice Honors, Hollywood Music Awards, Independent Music Network and Renegade Radio Nashville, the latter just listing him as a ‘Featured Artist’ for a seventh consecutive year!

At centerstage with a ‘Career Tribute’ feature appearing in Nashville Country Music Magazine under his belt last Spring, Ecker had bore down and achieved two straight years at #1 Country for Sarasota County. And his grand anthem of ‘goodness to all,’ “A Bright Tomorrow,” was hailed as a musical symbol of hope in a world fraught with despair being nominated for ‘Song of the Year’ at the International Peace Song Awards in Hollywood. (Going into the new year, it was one of the most popular Christian-Country songs in America, according to N1M Music.)

But with all this going on, something from his past began to build in prominence. And it is catching up fast thanks to a compelling, artistic South Florida collaborator joining with him to form EckerRobertsArt.

In late 2019, Jamie Roberts, an established digital artist with many Black and White, as well as color, renderings available through Displate, among others, met Ecker. And she soon unlocked a never-before-seen treasure-trove of original early 1970s Black and White India Ink drawings sprung from his eclectic mind (and once steady hand now tempered by two strokes and a successful fight with Stage 2 colon cancer.)

With many of his early drawings completed while in military service near the Korean DMZ water-damaged when transported by a cargo ship heading stateside in 1971, he continued, undaunted, through that decade to draw when time permitted.

Fast-forwarding to today, Ecker opened up his worn and brittle faux-leather portfolio bag for Roberts to view after she had seen one of his framed and matted B&W drawings, a Unicorn. Soon, she began to create a dazzling color-dripped collection of what she calls “Retro- Doodles,” on the surface seemingly about nothing, first capturing the angst of the anti-war, Watergate tension of America for ten years beginning in 1970, yet conveying, again, “something in the air” -- finishing what Ecker started in the solitary confines of his black and white artistic world.

Not being proficient in the drips and dabs of color, Ecker wished "I could meet someone who could make my works sizzle and soar by using their digital expertise to ‘interpret” what I had done in clear and bold color.  Jamie, who I met when she visited my family in Venice, Florida, was like an angel to me!”

As Covid consumed our world, we thought, led by our "Uni" collection, that we could try to provide a signpost for hoped for cominf better times. A friendly face 'on the other side' so to speak."

Their first work of published art is based on Ecker’s first black and white drawing, “Uni.” (A mock-up is shown below going from B&W left to full color right.)

A digital version with Navy blue backing, “Uni-on-Blue” was the first of two of their retro-doodles selected for showcasing last Fall at the Venice Arts Center on Venice Island.  And with this came an open invitation from VAC for a public showing of their works onnce a dozen or so were to be completed, hopefully by Fall, 2021.

A fully-rendered upcoming selection for VAC, “Electro-head,”  will be one of those and is  shown to the right along with another selection, the massive epocal "Ghost in the Factory."

And much to the delight of Charlie and Jamie, a tropical "Uni-on-Coral" was selected as an outstanding examble of modern art in April 2021 by the Akademia Arts Awards based in L.A. but global in scope.

Now 50 years in the making, a new life’s chapter unfolds for Ecker with Roberts’s guiding hand, both who look at “Uni” leading all its variations and artistic "cousins" first drawn through the 80s, as a welcoming figure posing tall and proud with a hint of a ‘Mona Lisa smile’ to indicate that things will finally unfold in a positive way when the world reaches what the media keeps referring to as 'the other side'.

The collaborative ‘EckerRobertsArt’ effort of “Distinctly Dazzling Doodles,” available as wall art, clothing and accessories, is offered through these on-line arts showcase dealers.

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Ghost in the Factory

Heading 1

All Images Copyright Charles Ecker & Jamie Roberts