I always appreciate it when someone makes a thoughtful comment concerning my music, especially when they single out a favorite. I am new to N1M, up-and-coming Indy music competitor to Reverbnation, and got this WONDERFUL response from a new fan, Anna: “‘When I Walked with You’ is where my love for your sounds began!” Then this one from Rochel: "If I were walking along the streets of New York at night, contemplating and wondering, 'I Believe in You' would be the tune in the background. My love for this one will never fade away." Wanted to share these remarks and encourage you to help build my fan base coming up on 10,000.


I was homebound for three months after my dual-colectomy surgery in early January of 2020. So now better to describe in detail for first time, specifically what you can do to up my game as my publisher pushes hard in Nashville to get my songs in front of influencers along Music Row!

Just after my move to Florida from LA, I changed my base of operation.  Find it totally awesome that I held the #1 spot at Reverbnation for Sarasota, Siesta Key, Osprey, Miyakka City and Venice since the last week of March, 2019.  Twp straight years and counting. WOW!

And competed three 30 day national rides on RN at #25, four times at #1 Country for Florida. 

Numbers are important in my business as a songwriter to build “street cred” in Nashville, pure and simple!

N1M is closed to non-members but RN, while aimed primarily to the music community, is open to you. All you need to do to become a regular follower is either listen through my website (wwwdotthecreckerbandmusicdotcom) or download the free Reverbnation “Discover” App. No charge. Just look for Charlie Ecker (Songwriter) and enjoy the ride!

Reverbnation determines chart position for about 1,000 of us “country types” by electronically “counting” each spin going from the start of a song to the complete end. For example, if you only listen to a portion of a song and move to the next, the RN server will not count your play.

RN records up to 12 plays per IP address each day and you can go to the “play all” link if you are on a PC for uninterrupted listening.

Last point. The success of building a fan base is to get followers to share. So when someone wants to share my playlist or one of my songs posted on FB lately and clicks “share,” it is essential to add a line that explains why you are passing the post along. Otherwise, people could think it is just advertising spam.

If you encourage your friends to send me a “friend request” I pretty much know by now who is real and would be likely to accept.

Another way to support my music is to purchase it. So ALL my music is available through The C.R. Ecker Band by accessing ANY of the digital downloading companies such as iTunes, and Amazon.


For streaming, go to Spotify or iHeart if you are a subscriber!

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