"Uni-on-Blue," a 'Welcoming ICON' for arrival at  the 'Otherside', is a digital rendering first displayed at the Venice Art Center in November, 2020, and could lay claim as the longest evolving piece of art ever.  That is because it first began life as a hand-drawn black and white sketch by Charles Ecker in 1970 completed while off-duty serving near the DMZ in Korea.



Now a well-known Sarasota County Country songwriter, ranked #1 for 21  months after two straight years in the Top 10 in Southern California, Ecker created an booming catalogue of what he calls his "fancy doodles" before finally moving to the Suncoast less than two years ago from Los Angeles.

And within two months time, a second (The Hubbub) was exhibited at VAC and on December 15, works were put on display on the Redbubble website under 'EckerRobertsArt.'


In the art world, all this would be in 'Warp Speed."

Redbubble came online December 15 with two more, Society6 and  Displate, expected by the end of the year all in line with launch in 2020.


Despite workplace roadblocks set up because of Covid-19, the two, as "EckerRobertsArt"  achieved a first run of colored digitized works by Christmas available through Redbubble with Societey6 and Displate on board as early as February.  For the year's works, to add to the collectable value of the works, the numbers '70 and '20 were included following the aartist's respective names to honor what has become a half-century long joint endeavor.

"I admit I never had a flair for colorization, and my black and white drawings sat in a large portfolio unnoticed  from 1980 until one year ago," lamented Ecker, a North Venice resident. "But as luck would have it, my wife and I met a very talented digital artist from Fort Lauderdale, Jamie Roberts, who saw "Uni" and several others in their original black and white form. She then showed us dazzling examples of her digitized works.


Charles Ecker

c/o 126 Porta Vecchio Bend #102

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Charles Ecker


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Charles Ecker

Charles Ecker

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